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Discover how to drive personal and team leadership, aligning resources to a new business strategy with our consulting services.

The only world-class, unconventional and interactive program where 70% of the cost is adjusted by customer evaluation.

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New Programs

We help you transform your Talent Attraction Team into a High Performance Headhunting Unit. How to reduce in half the search process, dramatically improve the candidate experience and the satisfaction of the hiring managers? Our specialized training program will guide you step-by-step. Take action and contact us!

Let a pro take care of the end-to-end process to attract, select and evaluate the best talent from your target Colleges. We design and execute the strategy of Employer Brand events and Assessment Centers so that you can access the best young talent in the market. We want to listen to your specific needs, get in touch with us today!

Outplacement program

It is more than outplacement, it is about re-evaluating life purpose and aligning the vocational transition to it. In this new stage in their lives, we give executives practical tools to increase emotional intelligence, clarify professional vocation and implement an action plan to fulfill their new life plan.

Executive Coaching

Our certified coaches design tailored programs for executives facing new challenges. Powerful questions, humanistic practices applied to business, establishment of commitments, challenges, and follow-up sessions. Without a doubt, it is one of the most effective ways to boost motivation and accelerate the full realization of your team’s potential. Let’s talk.

Specialty Programs

3-session, 90-minute program designed to ignite the passion to win and the motivation to exceed the expectations.
Through a very fun and competitive dynamic, your team will experience several key work processes in virtual teams and will obtain feedback to improve those skills for an effective virtual collaboration.
We will land on a strategic action plan specific interventions to lead work teams in their own leadership style and in conjunction with corporate efforts to motivate from the essence of each employee.
Program designed to acquire solid foundations in an accelerated way for the autonomous creation of high-quality workouts with a superior recall level and with a practical approach.

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