How do you know if the manager you want to hire will be a good leader?

In the hiring process, the ability to discern whether a candidate possesses the qualities of a good leader is crucial. Beyond technical skills, soft skills play a fundamental role in effectively predicting whether your next manager will be a leader.

While the soft skills evaluation depends on each company and its goals, some of the most in-demand skills in leadership positions include:

Clear and empathetic communication: Effective leaders have extraordinary communication skills. It’s important to assess how candidates express themselves and interact with others during the interview.

Emotional Intelligence: The ability to recognize and manage emotions is essential in leadership. To evaluate this, one must inquire about how the candidate handles difficult situations and interacts with their team.

Delegation Skills: A good leader knows when and how to delegate tasks. So, candidates can be asked about their previous experiences in delegation and how they have managed responsibility.

Problem Solving: Effective leaders can address and resolve problems effectively. It’s important to evaluate the candidates on specific challenges they have faced and how they have overcome them.

How can we measure these skills and ensure that the manager we hire is a true leader?

While interviews can inquire about particular experiences, there is a software tool called  Hirint that allows you to measure and compare candidates’ soft skills in the selection process.

It’s not a standardized evaluation but it can be adapted to each profile depending on the needs of each organization. In this way, if you’re in a moment of adaptation or exploration in new markets, for example, you can evaluate candidates’ creativity, innovation, initiative, as well as active learning strategies.

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