Why are US companies hiring tech talent from Latin America?

Latin America provides a substantial opportunity for U.S. companies seeking to enhance their remote tech teams with global talent. Let’s explore some key factors contributing to the preference for tech professionals.

Cost-EffectiveTech Talent:

Many countries in Latin America offer highly skilled professionals at a more competitive cost compared to hiring in the United States.

The cost of living in Latin America is typically more affordable. Consequently, salaries for highly skilled workers are often lower. By bringing a remote developer from Latin America onto your team, you can anticipate a reduction in hiring costs ranging from 30% to 50%.

This cost-effectiveness is particularly attractive for startups and small tech companies.

Abundance of Skilled Tech Professionals:

Latin America has a growing pool of talented tech professionals, including software developers, engineers, data scientists, and IT specialists. According to Statista (Nov 2023), there are 500K software developers in Brazil, 220K in Mexico, 115K in Argentina, and 62K in Colombia. Many of these professionals have strong technical skills, fluent in the English language, and are familiar with US business practices.

Source: Statista, Nov 2023

Communication flow:

Latin American countries often share time zones or have minimal time differences with the United States. This can facilitate real-time collaboration, making it easier for teams to work together efficiently.


Latin American tech professionals bring diverse skills and perspectives, contributing to innovation and problem-solving within teams. Moreover, as many U.S. companies continue to understand the importance of DEI in the workplace, this type of remote work can bring together teams that are geographically diverse and genuinely inclusive.

In conclusion, the inclusion of Latin American tech professionals into U.S. companies brings not only cost savings but also an invaluable wealth of diversity and innovation. Beyond the financial benefits, the collaboration between diverse teams contributes to a rich flow of ideas, expanding the horizons of creativity and innovative problem-solving. As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of a globalized world, leveraging the abundance of tech talent in Latin America emerges as a strategic move that meets immediate needs as well as positions companies for sustained success in the ever-competitive tech landscape.

How to hire tech talent from Latin America?

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