How can AI be helpful in an international hiring process?

While we have been talking about artificial intelligence (AI) for years, the release of ChatGPT has made it a trend in 2023. Various industries have started incorporating this technology into their daily operations, and the Human Resources Areas are no exception.

According to the Recruiter Nation Report by Jobvite, updating recruiting technology ranks among the top priorities for recruiters, experiencing a significant increase of 21%. Furthermore, another priority is to automate processes and improve efficiency, accounting for 10% of the surveyed recruiters

At MBI Talent Group, we have already discussed some key issues that Talent Acquisition professionals must consider when expanding internationally. Today, we want to delve deeper and highlight how Artificial Intelligence can assist in this area.

Communication GAP

Communication is an essential skill for business and for life, especially when you are recruiting international candidates. The application of artificial intelligence offers numerous points of utility in this regard.

  • Language barriers: In addition to the already known online translators, AI-driven natural language processing (NLP) techniques can help interpret and understand human language. NLP algorithms can analyze candidate responses, job applications, and other written communication to extract context, intent, and sentiment. This aids in comprehending candidates’ qualifications and assessing their suitability for the role.
  • Cultural barriers: Cultural differences should not be underestimated. Knowing the culture of the country you’re recruiting in will help you better understand the people you’re looking to hire. Depending on the distance from the country in which you are looking for talent, cultural differences may have an impact on the background or skills of the candidates.

In this regard, AI can prove immensely valuable in guiding cultural customs and interview etiquette, ranging from interpreting common body language and gestures in conversations to identifying potentially inappropriate questions within a specific cultural context.

Artificial intelligence can be of great assistance in addressing these challenges by providing valuable insights and guidance. However, it is also necessary to have an intercultural exchange with native recruitments or global hiring specialists to learn about emotional, psychical, perceptual, and interpersonal barriers that we can find.

Improve Candidate Experience with AI

According to the 2023 Candidate Experience Report, 49% of job seekers had declined a job offer due to poor experience. This means almost half of your recruiting and attraction efforts could be in vain.

In this sense, AI can be helpful for:

  • Providing clearer and more accurate information about the job and responsibilities: being clear is crucial for the candidate’s experience. So, it’s important to take time to create an appropriate job description.

Chat GPT can be useful in this regard. Recruiters can take advantage of ChatGPT to craft accurate and engaging job descriptions that effectively convey the responsibilities and qualifications associated with a specific position. The process is straightforward: recruiters provide ChatGPT with a few sample job descriptions of comparable roles in the country you want to hire and train the model to understand the language and crucial aspects of the job.

Once trained, recruiters can enter a general summary of the position for which they are hiring. ChatGPT will then generate a complete and accurate job description, allowing recruiters to advertise the position effectively.

  • Reply immediately: By integrating a virtual assistant on recruitment websites or platforms, candidates can receive immediate support and guidance throughout the hiring process. The AI can answer frequently asked questions, provide information about the company, application status updates, and offer assistance in navigating through the application process. This ensures candidates feel supported and attended to promptly, enhancing their overall experience.

The perfect balance between technology and AI

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, recruitment is the biggest HR challenge. 46% of respondents identify “recruiting suitably qualified staff/managers” as one of their top three challenges. For this reason, to find the best candidates it’s necessary to have smart strategies.

Artificial intelligence has enormous potential in Human Resources, but only those professionals who use this tool effectively will stand out. If a candidate realizes they are interacting with a chatbot and cannot establish contact with a human, they will not feel valued by the company. Speed is important, but attention and care for people matter even more.

ChatGPT and other AI solutions do not possess magical solutions; they are tools that assist us in our daily work. While they may simplify certain processes, it does not mean they will completely change the rules of the game, at least not in the immediate future. Therefore, when seeking the best international talent, it is important to have strategic partners with experience who can assist you throughout this process.

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