Aligning work with purpose in life,with Abril Benedicto

“It is considered that having a career plan within the organization can benefit you greatly as talent feels more committed, aligning work with purpose in life” – Abril Benedicto

Companies are more than the collective effort of the individuals that make up the whole. Without personal well-being, it is impossible to have an organization that shares happiness, energy, and strength to achieve challenges and positively responds to its customers.

One of the states of affairs that every entrepreneur has to face is to learn to differentiate personal goals from professional ones and align them.

It is essential because human beings need to feel self-realized at some stage of life through the search for the expression of the essence and the desire to feel useful in our society.

Therefore, when we talk about aligning personal and work objectives, Abril Benedicto, Talent Developer at MBI Talent Group, is the expert on the subject.

Abril’s professional career has spanned several positions where she has been able to develop her talents within the personnel area. She has been able to improve techniques and even further improve methods for the benefit of the company and the staff.

Why do you need a Career Plan?

In her words, a Career Plan is “a training project in which you establish objectives for each of the team members depending on the strategy of the company”– This plan has an execution time: According to  Abril, you should be at least three months within the organization to have time to get to know the company and develop the objectives.

Abril’s career model is based on the need to discover each person’s passion, and what it looks like in a short period to unite it with the company’s objectives. This is based on the premise that if you do what you love, you will do it better.

The development plan she created exclusively for MBI Talent Group consists of four phases:

  1. Assess your competencies: Through Hiring & Hirint, it is to know the competencies that you most identify yourself now
  2. Connect with your life purpose
  3. Write the objectives to be achieved and set tasks to accomplish them
  4. Mentoring program with an expert in the area who will accompany you during the process

One of her motivators for the creation was the fact of the “Humanistic Management” that is practiced inside MBI Talent Group, understanding that the center is you and that you are as valuable as anyone else, which is why Abril began to investigate more on the subject and joined both purposes for the benefit of all.

“The major difference from the other models is that ours is 100% customized for each person, making everyone more motivated” – Abril Benedicto

Connect with your life purpose

The two main factors are competencies and personal purpose. Usually, in companies, there are already established career plans for everyone without taking into account the individual level.

“The route you decide to take is the one in which we will support you to develop it”

 — Abril Benedicto

In more personal words, she has taken wellness courses, which have marked a turning point in her life, defining wellness as a feeling of satisfaction, tranquility, peace; and happiness as a choice you make every day, a state of mind that you decide.

How to improve the relationship with work?

Abril provided some advice for people who want to improve their relationship with work:

  • Be honest with yourself, so you know where you’re leading
  • Try to involve actions you are passionate about in your daily work
  • Think about what it is in the work that generates positive things for you

Finding the balance between work and personal life is no easy task, but working from home helps her connect more with the people she loves, always respecting schedules and not letting one interfere with the other.

“Love is the alchemy that transforms everything” and “the root of all good grows in the ground of gratitude” are two phrases that have marked her personal life, because for her gratitude is the center of life, living in gratitude will make everything work positively.

Abril’s biggest goal is to stay healthy, happy, grateful and willing to help others in any way she can.

“One of the things that makes me human is warmth, and caring for others. I am a very loving person and I show affection. I try to be a person you can talk to and feel safe with.” — Abril Benedicto


Aligning personal and work objectives makes for a perfect balance, improves team productivity, builds trust, and above all helps your company. The model created by Abril Benedicto is unique and has helped MBI Talent Group to consolidate it as a Hero Company (Empresa Heroína).Do you have a purpose that fits your work? Don’t miss the following blogs to learn more about life at MBI Talent Group.