Future of tech recruitment

Tech recruitment trends tend to change constantly. Economic changes, advances in technology, new generations of talent entering the market, political situations, global pandemic… All of these factors are encouraging us to innovate in recruiting practices. 

In recent years, advancements in technology have brought new tools and systems that help recruiters do more with less. It’s a critical point in the technological transformation of recruiting. Machine learning and AI tools are becoming more pervasive and, most importantly, more efficient and accurate.

To know more about this scenario, we talked with Vera Spichka, Talent Consultant & Team Lead of the Technical Recruitment team at MBI Talent Group.

“It would be nice to make work more flexible. If a person wants to work from home, or if he wants to work 3 days from the office and 2 days at home…why not?

First of all, what are the problems in Technical Recruitment now?

In general, the big problem is that many companies now change to MERN Stack. MERN is one of several variations of the MEAN stack (MongoDB Express Angular Node), where the traditional Angular.js front-end framework is replaced with React.js.

And why is this a problem for Tech Recruiting?

There are not a lot of experienced engineers in this sphere. Well, yes there are, but the amount of professionals cannot cover all the market demand. We have to search for a lot of React. Js and Node. Js so it makes the process difficult.

But there is more. A lot of companies look for a senior candidate and it’s a big problem. I´ll explain why. React Js. has become popular in the last 3 years no more. Yes, there are some professionals who used it before but not so many. 3 years are not enough to become a senior.

What other problems have you faced?

English. Almost all companies are looking for candidates with really high English levels. Depending on the country of search it can be more difficult or easier but still, it makes the process last longer.

Are the companies ready to pay more for English-speaking candidates?

Yes, and it’s another problem. Some companies are ready to pay for a middle specialist like if he were a senior one. So other companies that don’t have this opportunity can´t find a candidate because they can’t pay more than the person is paid now. It makes the process difficult too.

And what do candidates expect from companies, except for a really high salary? Is it difficult to find an in-office candidate?

Actually, I can’t say that it’s impossible. Yes, more and more people now prefer working at home, especially in Tech Recruitment. But still, there are some people that want to go to the office because they don’t have enough space and privacy at home. Maybe they have a big family or no extra room to make it like a home office. But still, a great number of candidates from big cities don’t want to go to the office because they are not ready to spend a lot of time in traffic jams. 

So what changes do you see in the near future for tech recruitment?

In my opinion in the near future, people will use less Linkedin and more other social media like Telegram for example. Telegram is really popular in some countries to look for a job because there are different channels with vacancies. Tech candidates change jobs a lot so maybe it will be where they will have to look for candidates.    

“I’m sure that in the near future, we will have another medium to look for candidates, not only on Linkedin”

What would make your work easier?

Unified salary. Well, at least the range for junior, middle or senior candidates. Because some companies with not-so-big budgets can only get really junior candidates. 

And in spite of all the difficulties you still tend to close a lot of vacancies. What is your secret?

To start you have to insist a lot. Candidates get a lot of job offers every day so yours has to be special, has to be interesting, and not like the others. For example, the first message to contact a candidate in Linkedin is really short so you have to make a perfect offer in 2-3 phrases to catch their attention… Then if he’s interested in listening to what you can offer your job description has to be a really attractive one to get an interview with him. 

Another important thing is to speak the same language with the candidate. I don’t mean to speak Spanish, English, French or whatever but speak his technical language, understand perfectly what the candidate does. We have to study a lot to always understand modern technologies, programming languages, etc. 

Technical recruiting is getting more difficult every day, but still there is no impossible thing, it’s what we believe in at MBI.  Our team of professional recruiters knows how to overcome hardships and challenges.