Hiring a top Executive Search/Talent firm is a luxurious service during a time of crisis?

The answer is always NO.

CEOs, CFOs, HR Executives and other decision-makers tend to be conservative through hiring and want to save money during a recession. Some executives would define that investing on talent consultancy firms is a luxurious product when the budget is tight and tend to execute different strategies.

  1. Recruiting with internal resources. First off, it is risky to manage a highly confidential role with internal resources. On top of that, searching for a strategic role or a senior position cannot be risked by delegating this task to a junior recruiter. So, the project needs to be assigned to:
  • A Senior Recruiter who requires a high salary and manages several other projects at the time. Will not be 100% focused on one project.
  • A Senior HR executive who is also responsible for several other matters or even worse, this executive might not be a recruiting expert.

Are internal resources proficient in Executive Search and hiring best practices?

Are they certified in using social media and databases search tools?

Do they execute all recruiting steps, such as competences assessments, reference checks, talent mapping, onboarding coaching, etc.?

Probably no.

  • Hiring amateurs, freelance recruiters or “cheap” firms.

This will imply the following risks:

2. Unexperienced consultants

  • Not a full understanding of the profile and culture
  • Non-disruptive or out-of-the-box search strategies
  • No solid replacement guarantees, required to ensure your ROI (further explanation below)
  • No talent advisory
  • Poor employer branding approach
  • Poor candidate management
  • No onboarding coaching… and so on

The risk is too high.

On the other hand, when you hire MBI Talent Group, the Return of Investment is imminent.

Let me explain:


Hiring the wrong executive

Fast and efficient onboarding processes and learning curve periods last about 3 months.

Scenario 1: You detect that the new executive is a low performer or a bad fit, so you have to let this person go after 8 or 9 months with no results thus far.

Scenario 2: The new executive is not a good fit, culturally, and did not adapt to the team, or did not get engaged with the project or the team. This person leaves your organization in less than 1 year.


  • The cost of replacing a recently hired executive who leaves your company within the first year of tenure could go up to two entire years of salary.
  • The hiring manager loses from 10 to 24 months of time with no results. (2 to 3 months for the first search, 8 months of low performance and 2 to 3 months of replacing this person).

Impossible to afford such a waste of time and money!

Hiring with Safe ROI

This is how MBI Talent Group ensures a proper, safe and fast ROI:

  • Replacement Guarantee of up to 24 months.
  • Reference Check Process
    • Ensure Performance and Cultural fit
  • Talent Mapping
    • Full market research
  • Onboarding Coaching
    • Fast learning and cultural adaptation curve
    • Bringing results faster
  • Employer branding approach
    • We become your talent ambassadors

Best candidate experience

Data-driven Approach

Our Statistics

  • Less than 3% of Replacement Rate
    • No replacements needed
  • More than 97% of Placement Rate
    • Always close successfully
  • More than 80% of Success with the first round of presented candidates
    • Accuracy
  • Speed and ownership
    • Reducing your time to fill to less than 60 days in average
  • Competitive Fees
    • Save up to 40% on professional fees

Our business model is designed to ensure a proper ROI. So, hiring MBI Talent Group during a time of low and tight budgets is not a luxurious product, is a safe investment.

The risk is too high.

MBI Talent Group = Safe ROI