How to attract talent in an international expansion?

For over a decade, we’ve been discussing the Talent War, which refers to situations when there is a limited supply of workers with in-demand skills, and employers have to compete to find these individuals. However, the current context of increasing job mobility, where people are not afraid to change jobs and explore virtual or international opportunities, has redefined the concept, turning it into the new norm. For this reason, companies worldwide are competing to attract and retain the best talent.

When a company is in the process of international expansion, its internal talent or people team is already dealing with a set of challenges. On top of these, there are additional considerations that companies need to address to appeal to potential candidates.

Get to know the talent competition:

When organizations expand globally, they often conduct market studies, assess growth potential, and calculate return on investment. However, they may not always consider the talent competition in the destination country or even within the region where they plan to operate.

To effectively attract and retain the best talent, it is imperative to gain insight into the compensation packages and benefits offered by competitors, identify industry-recognized top talent, and stay informed about any specialized employee programs they may be implementing. Additionally, a thorough understanding of their diversity policies and other relevant considerations is crucial, recognizing that these elements can vary depending on the nature of each business.

With these insights in mind, you’ll be better equipped to design compelling programs for candidates and position your company among the local top talent.

Make your brand strong: how to captivate talent

When a company enters a new country, it may not always be well-known in that territory. Therefore, it’s crucial to actively work on positioning your brand so that people can pursue their professional development. 

To achieve this, it’s essential to research the culture and create relevant content to get your target audience. Also, It’s very important to always keep the essence of your brand, but make new decisions and strategies that help it be tailored to this new territory.

Don’t forget to identify the channels where candidates feel at ease when they’re researching a brand to establish a presence there; just like social media or websites.

With this in mind, it’s a good practice:

  1. Make content with talent acquisition in mind. Your talent acquisition team members can help you build pieces that are aligned with your visual communication. 
  2. Develop a clear tone that captures the attention of your audience. Fall in love with your audience and build content with clear communication that is made just for them.
  1. Engage with interested people: If they don’t know you yet, they may have many questions. So, respond to them kindly to create the best first impression.

Give a smooth experience:

Finally, business leaders must guarantee that the recruitment process is as smooth and favorable as can be for candidates. In a new region, this can lead to cultural conflicts and may even require adjustments to the recruitment process. This translates to increased costs and longer-than-anticipated hiring timelines.

The central concerns of an international expansion process should focus on how best to manage remote employees or how to succeed in a new market. Since there is no strategic advantage to be gained from researching unfamiliar tax and labor laws or a country’s customary benefits, a good way to deal with these issues is to hire a partner to help with globalization.

We can help you!

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