How we work and deliver your candidates in 5 days

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Let me show you how we work and deliver your candidates in 5 days. We are virtually equipped to handle all your needs.

Our Differentiators finding candidates:

  1. We have a network of dedicated consultants from all over the world, savvy in the most important and demanded online tools. Our method is always consistent with your demands because we have been doing this our whole lives. We want to set our lives before you, along with all the virtual experience gathered throughout the shifts of modernity.
  2. Recruiting, in modernity, has been extrapolated to attend the needs of a diversity of key-roles with various levels of complexity. Our consults have been in the eye of the storm, working to place all manner of roles from the most simple to the most complex and technical.
  3. We employ the most recent technological resources with which we’ve had great results, not only for Online interviews through Hangouts, Skype, Zoom and others, but for other on Demand techniques such as thorough language evaluations by native speakers, Coaching (Iinclude here the types of coaching), and Market Mapping.
  4. Our Partners are hands-on technological wizards, and they are always involved in every single process of our firm. They bring years of experience to the table working in the IT, High-Tech, Digital and Fintech sectors. This translates into a passionate team of motivated consultants, coaches, Tech-Geeks, and evaluators in whom you can rely for great results!

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