Remote work is quality of life, interview  with Elizabeth Ruiz

Remote work has increased exponentially in recent times. People feel freer, more flexible, and more comfortable working from wherever they are. An example of how to successfully carry out remote work is Elizabeth “Liz” Ruiz, MBI Talent Group Associate & Team Lead, who shares more about her and this topic. 

Remote work is a workforce strategy that is performed outside the traditional office environment, also called “working from home” or “telecommuting”. The concept of remote work is that employees can successfully execute daily projects and tasks without going to an office every day.

“My favorite thing about working at MBI is the teamwork with consultants who are gurus. They are excellent, they have changed my professional life” – Liz Ruíz.

For you, what is remote work?

Liz: Quality of life. Working under objectives. Flexibility. The truth is that it is beneficial, especially for my function. I can perform remotely without any problem. 

From your perspective, are there any advantages and disadvantages?

Liz: Advantages in reduced travel costs. You can have a healthier life yourself because you can make your own food. Strictly follow a better dietary regimen because you have everything at your fingertips since you are at home. Closeness to your family… 

Disadvantages? Perhaps when you interact with a person who is not used to working remotely, the relationship may not be as productive. On the other hand, how absorbing it becomes to be on the computer all day. I am very used to remote work, but many people are not. Some companies have a hard time trying to figure out the corresponding strategies, and you have to invest in a relationship twice as hard. That would be a disadvantage. 

How is your work-life balance?

Liz: I follow a rigorous schedule. There are times when people tell me: “Don’t be guided by schedules”. I say I can’t, I can’t, I have to have a schedule for everything. 

Is there any difference between the person you are in the work environment and in the personal environment? 

Liz: As a person, you always get the face you give out. The part of you that you show to your family and friends, and the part of you that only you know. So definitely, yes, the essence may be the same, but we are definitely a very open talent firm, with a very flexible culture. We end up being a company, and there is the corporate part that we all must always take care of, though. 

What is your favorite part of working at MBI Talent?

Liz: It can be many. The issue of flexibility. Working by objectives… 

The teamwork with consultants who are gurus. They are excellent, they have changed my professional life, I can tell you that! Many people who work in recruitment would be very fortunate to come and work with them because technically they are excellent. 

I like the intellectual side of it very much too. Another great thing about MBI is that the international exhibitor can have responsibilities, the confidence, we give a lot of confidence to the team. To all types, no matter what your role is. One of Salvador’s (Morales) and Sergio’s (Larios) philosophies is that they give you a lot of confidence. Then you have two options: Take advantage of it and shine, or let it go.

No matter where you live, where you come from, what country you come from, and what period of your life you go through.

From the person who joined MBI a few years ago and the person, you are now… Have you noticed any difference? And what would be the biggest one? 

Liz: Yes, professionally, but personally no, I am still the same person, I am still the same Liz, my jokes and what you see, but professionally there is a difference. Because I am always happy, I am passionate about what I do, and I also have a strong character. I always talk, but I am cheerful!

About working remotely, Liz told us that the hardest part has been working during the pandemic because everything was very uncertain.

Liz: If you like it, if you can be alone in your house, focused on your goals, and stay self-motivated, you should have no problem. But if you like the social part, it’s going to be difficult. I don’t miss it as much but because I really like to be alone.

How to be a leader in remote work?

From her point of view as an expert, Liz shared with us some tips for leading teams remotely: 

Timely communication. Clear and assertive. 

Don’t panic because you don’t sit around an oval table with other people.

Be clear about your team’s objectives.

Be open to changing your leadership style. 

Know how to measure your team’s goals. 

It is essential that you start to transmit in a virtual way. 

Confidence and inspire your team virtually.

“If you are working remotely, you can’t be thinking what do I do? No, you have to know where to go. Unless you are an intern, you do have to guide yourself. It’s very important to be clear about your goals and to raise your hand when you need help” – Elizabeth Ruíz

When asked about her interests outside of work, she commented:

Liz: Traveling and being with my family, being with my doggies. I really like to study best practices in recruitment and I like to study animal behavior. I like to do yoga. Not only that, but I like to ride my bike. Furthermore, I love to hike, and I love to host get-togethers or parties. I swear. I love giving people things as gifts. Likewise, I love to talk on video calls and on the phone. I love to buy things online. I love, yes I love doing things outdoors. 

For Liz, happiness is:

The perfect way in which she balances her personal interests and work makes Liz an excellent leader and a valuable member of MBI Talent Group, as her smile, charisma, and talent make her shine in her activities. 


⚡ For MB Talent Group, its collaborators are a unique piece inside the company, each one makes it work and makes us go forward. Stay tuned as we will continue to share more about the Life of MBI.