Talking about motivation
with María Claudia Vergara

Motivation at work is a factor that should be part of the daily routine among employees. When carrying out a job, it is a qualitative change and a way to maintain a pleasant and proactive environment.

I confess that I start my day thanking for the sunrise, for life, for my family, my children; that is my first engine in my life” -María Claudia Vergara

According to studies by the University of Warwick and the Wall Street Journal with the Opener Institute for People, when an employee is satisfied with his or her job, he or she is 12% more productive and 31% more efficient. The experts have demonstrated a direct relationship between work motivation and performance.

An example of a motivator for the team is María Claudia Vergara, Senior Business Development Manager at MBI Talent Group, who provided us with her experience, day-to-day motivators, and some tips on achieving success through motivation.

For her, success results from fulfilling your objectives and goals, depending on what you want to achieve. It is reaching the dreams you set out to make. The motivation is to get started, but you have to do it by yourself because no one else will do it.

Work motivation

Work motivation refers to the ability of a company to keep its employees involved to offer maximum performance and thus achieve the business objectives set by the organization.

This motivation at work is vital to increase business productivity and teamwork in the different activities they perform, in addition to each member feeling fulfilled in their job and identifying with the company’s values. It is the best way for workers to consider themselves an essential part of the company and to give the maximum for it.

Clarity in goals

María Claudia Vergara has clear objectives: in the short term, she is very involved in a project at MBI Talent Group that will bring significant changes; in the medium term she wants to continue increasing sales in Colombia, to be prosperous in all aspects of her life; and in a long time her biggest project is her family.

“Maturity makes you see problems as easy, not to carry them indefinitely, and not to fill your life with negative things” -María Claudia Vergara

Changes can be catastrophic if they are not carried out in the right way. For her, the best way is to put the impact of those transitions positively, ​don’t let them affect you. Also, it’s important to know the make everything changes, since nothing stays the same forever.

You are today because of what you have been with the people you have met in the past, we are not ourselves; alone. Our success and motivation are the sums of everything that others have brought to us and added to the situation.

Talking about energies for Maria Claudia is part of the motivation to focus on the things that make you better, and those energies come from the heart. In this sense, you have to “turn on” in the right way to transmit positive things to others.

She has been with MBI Talent Group for two years on the commercial side. In her own words, her job is “to make companies fall in love and join the project for the good of both”; about her feelings in the company, she is grateful for being part of a talented team.

Motivation in remote work

She gives us some tips to stay motivated by working remotely,

  • Measure your time to be productive.
  • Find spaces for a different kind of communication, not just for work.
  • Be empathetic with each other’s process.

In this sense, the biggest challenges she has faced in leading at a distance and the advice she gives are:
Communication, since it is more complicated to understand people through a screen.
Dealing with several personalities at the same time.
Having two-way communication so that everything is reciprocal.
Awaken people’s feelings.
Understand what is going on in everyone’s head according to their age and have them in a professional mode, because young people in the professional field sometimes do not take their work seriously, they see it as something temporary. It is a commitment that must be taken seriously.

Something that has marked her, is that she keeps in mind, that you are an instrument for someone else in the most difficult moments. You must be grateful for everything and always think positively to maintain motivation not only at work but in all aspects of life.

Be motivated like Maria Claudia

Accordingly, Maria Claudia Vergara defines herself as a person who does nothing on her own, she does everything as a company, someone who is emotional, loving, good at her job, and above all someone grateful for what she has.

“If you shine it’s because you have a team behind you, you never go alone in life, and giving something good will make you receive good things”—María Claudia Vergara

Motivation, seen from all possible perspectives, plays a very important role for any company, regardless of its line of business. Without it, the worker would only perform his duties as an obligation and not as a reason to be in the company.


Being motivated is key to achieving success, whatever the situation is, how do you manage team spirit among your employees?

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