The challenges of recruiting C-level executives with Salvador Jaramillo

It is more than a letter, the C-level management, otherwise known as C-suite, includes the top-level management positions in a company. These executives are responsible for making the key strategic decisions that affect the business as a whole.

“ Failures and breakdowns also serve you to consolidate success”– Salvador Jaramillo

To discuss this topic in more depth, Salvador Jaramillo, Vice-President​​, Executive Search expert, and Talent Consultant of MBI Talent Group talks about this type of profile based on his extensive experience recruiting and working closely with them.

“These are positions that are responsible for the major strategy of the business” – Salvador Jaramillo

According to him, C-level profiles are often called upon to consolidate the company or rescue it, if necessary. In addition, the team that supports them must be capable of creating the business strategy and defining the significant objectives of profitability, operation, and markets where they want to be.

Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Business expertise
  • Expertise in the relevant field
  • Leadership
  • Strategic mindset
  • Change management
  • Team-building
  • Critical thinking
  • Decision-making
  • Conflict management

Headhunting oriented to C-level executives

A headhunting process oriented to C-levels has to go hand in hand with the previous characteristics; since the recruiter has to have the ability to relate to this type of position where large amounts of information are handled, which becomes very valuable within that environment.

In addition, the recruiter has to conduct a previous investigation of the candidate to know the process that will be carried out. For Salvador, a good hunter has to have a lot of curiosity to approach people in that atmosphere and understand the world in which they live, to anticipate situations.

Many headhunters look for high profiles to create a team, in Salvador’s opinion, a plus is to know them personally because trust is the foundation of any relationship.

For Salvador, the search for high-level candidates is uncomplicated, as he considers that these are people who are accustomed to this type of situation. In his opinion, they are not complex because at these levels attractiveness is a known factor.

Looking for the best talent

The exciting thing about looking for these profiles is to let them know with evidence that the challenge and thrill they are being invited to participate in represents an ambition for them. It is necessary to motivate them to know more, the headhunter must show the outlook and make attractive what is being offered. 

For the C-profile to be accepted, it has to have the following characteristics: ambition, curiosity, that it represents something more to their life, and a balance.

From his point of view, the main challenge is for companies looking to hire at high levels because of the complexity of creating scenarios that help and benefit both.

” As recruiters, we have to provide both parties with the necessary information for them to meet, the key is for the recruiter to generate interest in both sides”—Salvador Jaramillo

To be a successful C-level executive you need to:

1. Develop a deep educational background: C-level candidates need an MBA or graduate degree related to their position, along with a strong leadership foundation.

2. Acquire extensive work experience: Many C-level executives have extensive industry experience that encompasses many aspects of business management, so anyone who wants to make it to the company’s top should have several years of work experience.

3. Track your accomplishments to get to a management position.

4. Develop a professional profile.

A new perspective for Top Executive Search

Salvador’s experience in MBI Talent Group goes back to a long time ago when a couple of young enthusiasts wanted to conquer the world with disruptive and revolutionary ideas, to this day, for him, the company has grown and evolved by leaps and bounds to consolidate it as one of the best in the market.

“We are a group of extraordinary human beings, of diverse nationalities, cultures, languages, which makes us a diverse group that understands the real concept of inclusion, equality… seeking common goals while respecting personal goals”—Salvador Jaramillo

For him, the Talent Consultants at MBI Talent Group stand out for their human qualities, and their ability to support what they do. Although it may seem like a simple task, it is not, and for Salvador, the human talent management they do is one of the best.

In his particular point of view, the company does not have to be noticed over the others for external factors, but only for its success in the market without looking at what the competition does, otherwise, each one is its competition.

“We have to be the best version of ourselves, not the best version of us versus the competition. We seek to be the professional-oriented best version of ourselves to deliver what we promise or exceed expectations”—Salvador Jaramillo.

Tips for companies there are looking for their next leaders

As a final comment, he shared some advice for companies looking for their next leaders:

* Don’t stop looking for the people who will lead them.

* Do not ignore the current leaders of the companies.

The existing ones that don’t leave, retain them and for the future ones that will be needed, look for them when it is necessary, if not, calmly select the ones that go hand in hand with the company.

“Nothing is impossible, miracles can take a while”—Salvador Jaramillo

C-profiles may seem complicated to find, but they are not. The strategy has to be the right one and always think about the future of the company.


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