It can be daunting and a challenge for CEOs to hire on the technical (tech-side), sometimes more than it is on the executive side.

For CEOs leading startups, it is crucial that they hire the right technical talent if their business is to survive the first challenging years. For this reason alone, the Chief Executive’s level of involvement should surpass that of any other in the team.

CEOs are renown for their leadership and decision-making skills. But sometimes, when it comes to Tech decisions, if the CEO is not technically inclined, the challenge can scale to matters of emotional stress and self-confidence. A good solution for building up confidence regarding the Tech Side and closing the gap for this knowledge is Reading up.

“Adding manpower to a late software project, makes it later.”

Fred Brooks

Great benefits can be gained by Reading Tech Blogs describing important topics revolving around the difficulty of hiring within the Sector and some areas of specialization. Consider an example topic, “Why fullstack Engineers are Unicorns?”.

Here at MBI we would like to provide a concise list for you on how to be more strategic about your technical hiring:

Prioritize your product

Product Prioritizing should always lead to setting the hiring agenda. For example, if you’re having trouble prospecting for DEVOPS, hire someone with great expertise who can help you lay out a strategy. If performance issues are hurting you, then hire a Performance Engineer. The scope of your product will reveal particular needs for hiring.

Long-Term Need vs Short-Term Fix

One of the most regrettable mistakes is hiring an expert full-time when his assistance is only required for a brief period. If the task does not require full-time immersion, say like the responsibilities of a performance engineer, recur to contract engineers who will tune as required and on the spot.

A very Human Strategy

While you may develop a very Tech-Oriented instinct and vision, you have to remember you are still dealing with humans. These humans have unique needs, past vices to unlearn (with which you should be ready to help), and aspirations (career, personal). A hiring strategy, in the sense of being human should include Benefits, HR Support, a solid ON-Boarding Experience, Training and Mentorship, cultural induction, and teambuilding (soft skills, emotional intelligence) courses for better integration with their colleagues.