The value of art in our lives with Sandra Flores

“You make magic with what’s out there, that’s an art to me” 

Art is a form of manifestation of the human being, which seeks to communicate thoughts, ideas, emotions, and feelings influenced by their relationship and vision of the world, through media such as painting, music, dance, and literature, among many others. 

In other words, art has a practical function in trying to satisfy needs such as recreation, distraction, and encounters with oneself. It provokes feelings, and emotions and awakens a sense of wonder or admiration of beauty in those who appreciate and those who make it. 

To learn more about art, Sandra Flores, Treasury Manager of MBI Talent Group, shares her experience, and feelings about her work as an artist. 

For her, art is the expression of the soul, disconnecting from the mind and letting your being flow; expressing the deepest part of your emotions and connecting with life. 

“Observing art causes a spiritual or energetic delight that moves your emotions for better or worse, I think all human beings need those feelings to feel alive, connect with everything”—Sandra Flores

Art in our everyday life

For Sandra, the greatest personal learning that art has left her is to realize the different stages that can be lived in developing skills, from the spiritual part to handling frustrations. Knowing what you’re good at or not good at.

Living with art on a daily basis has several advantages:

  • Disconnecting from routine
  • Observing and being aware of the environment in which you live.
  • Forget about daily problems
  • Being yourself

Photography allows capturing moments that last seconds and makes them eternal. Sandra Flores has had several stages in her life within this art and the natural expressions of people walking on the street have moved her soul. For her, seeing people’s feelings when no one else sees them, is what she likes to photograph the most. 

A portrayed life

Her passion for capturing moments for her, comes from a young age, when her father bought a camera, and they went on a trip, Sandra took the camera and began photographing everything. Since then, something moved inside her, and she discovered what would be her greatest passion. When she reached an older age and had to decide on a college career, she started taking more professional courses and decided to study Photography. 

A curious fact: Sandra’s grandfather was also a hobby photographer, and she found out later, maybe that’s where her love for this art came from.  

Life has allowed her to travel through several countries where she has captured the beauty of their landscapes. Her favorite landscapes are the mountains, such as Switzerland, Norway, and China. Picturing beauty from heights is one of her best-loved things to do, as it allows her to appreciate everything from a different perspective. 

Her dearest type of photography is experimental, where everything is planned, from the model to the lighting. In general, inspiration comes from different sides, it comes from the soul, and it tells you the moment to click and capture something beautiful. Basically, her greatest inspiration comes from her soul, from what she wants to express, she is moved by the environment and what happens around her.

An example of this is the photograph she took in Barcelona fusing Mexican clothing with non-traditional models for this style of clothing. That was when she realized she already had her own defined style. 

“I was already at the level where I didn’t have to be guided, by what people said had to be done; it was the moment where I crossed the line from amateur to professional”. —Sandra Flores 

Photograph in work

Within MBI Talent Group, Sandra Flores’ role is to be Treasury Manager. In resume, her activities are to be in charge of payments, creditors, banks, and all the money-related issues that go out on time and in the right way. If she could capture in a photograph the essence of MBI Talent Group, she would like to highlight the happiness of the collaborators when working remotely, the responsibility and passion of each one, and above all the union that exists within the team.  

For Sandra there are still thousands of places to capture landscapes, thousands of people to portray and thousands of ideas to develop until she gets the perfect photo. One of her dreams is to photograph the northern lights and Machu Picchu. 

A perfect balance

In conclusion, combining art in everyday life is therapy, it helps you find a perfect balance. Whether you are an artist or a spectator, Sandra blends the artistic world with work, maternity, and being a photographer in an incredible way that has taken her to where she is today. If you want to see some of her photographs, we invite you to check out her website:


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