Good communication will save your company during quarantine

Smart work at home during coronavirus quarantine

Businesses have been hit hard in quarantine by Covid-19 and while we have placed the other cheek against this difficult situation, there are still things that we can do to save not only our Jobs but our companies:

Real-time communication

Stay tuned to updates relayed by superiors. If you’re the superior procure being Sharp in the way to pass down the information you’ve received either from the media or others so that it is delivered in the most constructive and optimistic of ways.

Solid Communication

Be honest with your colleagues or workers always matters, but it’s especially important during quarantine. They will appreciate directness as displays of solidarity to the cause will arise second nature. While being optimistic and energetic can motivate others, being over-optimistic will prevent companies from the acquisition of that powerful heroic solidarity from individuals that every thriving enterprise requires, especially during times like these.

Mitigate Challenges

Your people are your tribe; whether you’re the owner of the company or an employee or contributor. In order to survive this crisis,  you will need people under you, or at your side who are willing to fight with you. Before you decide to cancel services, let go of personnel or pause events, have an honest converstaion with your partners, and workout a solution for the current challenges together.

Genuine and Sensitive Marketing

Offering free courses can be generous; however, keep it real and think of what’s happening out there during quarantine. There are many food-services, malls, and essential contracting services that have had to close their doors for the greater good. A discount could work in a more favorable situation, where existing clients, or clients who are virtually equipped to keep on going have shown great receptivity to your proposals . If you feel your free products are not being well received, try being more sensitive and continue offering your clients free content and informative articles. This will keep you in their heads and will strengthen the bonds. There are some companies however, that will greatly appreciate your drive for continuity. The secret is to keep a ballanced outlook and geniune attitude according to the response you’re receiving.

Invest in High-Level Strategy in quarantine

While we have to delver a geniune and sensitive attitude towards our clients, this doesn’t mean we can’t be creative, eddifying in this way our production so that we emerge stronger than ever. Positive conversation and team-brainstorming should lead to adaptivity strategies. Think of this as an opportunity rather than a mishap, it’s great for finding they needle in the hay stack. Adapbability, conversation, serviceability and honesty are the keys not only for business owners but for the whole unity that a company represents.