Discover Humanistic Management with Sergio Larios

Did you know that MBI is a Humanistic company? In this article, Sergio Larios, Managing Partner of MBI Talent Group, shares his experience on the subject and how he implemented this model to make MBI what it is today. Humanistic Management is an approach to management theory based on human needs and values. From this […]

Why an age diversity workplace is important

Diversity is a mandatory topic when it comes to improving work environments. In that sense, age diversity is an important piece for any inclusive and effective organization. Given that the average workplace now includes members of at least four different generations, companies that welcome all ages are more likely to succeed. To approach this situation, […]

Logotherapy with Ceci Monroy

Do you know the meaning of Logotherapy? Is part of the existential analysis, a type of therapy with a strong philosophical character that focuses on the search for vital meaning in the face of existential emptiness, which causes psychological, emotional and physical symptoms. Viktor Emil Frankl (1905-1997) was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist who was […]

Modern strategies for headhunting

Modern recruiting techniques are a hot topic nowadays as also the emerging strategies that companies can use to find the best talent to fill their open positions. With the continued advancement of technology, there are new strategies that recruiters can use. In this article, Andrea Ibarra, Senior Associate and Headhunting University (AMC project) Lead at […]

How talent is enhanced by work ethic

Work ethic is a term used to describe a person’s dedication to their job. People with good work ethics understand being committed to their job as a strong basis and they accept the challenge of striving to succeed. This is a valuable trait that Talent Managers look for in their high-potential employees and candidates. Having […]

We are powerful thanks to you!!!

MBI team

Why we said that we are powerful thanks to you? Being your agent is an art and we take it seriously. It is a privilege granted to us by you, our client, who has negotiated with us that our brokering-brawn will get the job done. In doing this, you have honored us with your trust […]



You don’t have to stop now! Let us help you keep your momentum strong and efficient. Look at us as your jack-of-all-trades regarding your recruiting needs. We encourage you via our solid and life-transforming differentiators to keep you going: Make your presence felt Online: 1. Online video interviews are increasingly being used by recruiters who […]



For CEOs leading startups, it is crucial that they hire the right technical talent if their business is to survive the first challenging years.