The value of art in our lives with Sandra Flores

“You make magic with what’s out there, that’s an art to me”  Art is a form of manifestation of the human being, which seeks to communicate thoughts, ideas, emotions, and feelings influenced by their relationship and vision of the world, through media such as painting, music, dance, and literature, among many others.  In other words, […]

Talking about organizational culture with Mariana Leibinstein

Organizational culture is the personality of any company, it corresponds to all those characteristics that give it an identity and allows it to differentiate itself from other organizations. It also creates a feeling of belonging among the members, putting aspects of their personal life in common with their professional life. This creates a sense of […]

Talking about motivation
with María Claudia Vergara

Motivation at work is a factor that should be part of the daily routine among employees. When carrying out a job, it is a qualitative change and a way to maintain a pleasant and proactive environment. I confess that I start my day thanking for the sunrise, for life, for my family, my children; that […]

How important soft skills are and how to assess them

Soft skills are the abilities that a person possesses. Certain personality traits enable them to behave more adaptively in the work or social environments and also determine how they relate to others in the workplace: Co-workers, managers, customers, vendors, and anyone else with whom they may come into contact. Characteristics such as their attitude and […]

Work & Travel Life at MBI with Anna Kostareva

“Being a digital nomad allows you to travel and work from anywhere in the world” — Anna Kostareva The concept of “digital nomad” is given to those professionals who work remotely taking advantage of new technologies to work from anywhere, although most of them travel. It is a growing trend that reaches 10.2 million digital […]

What will Training & Development look like in 2023 wi​​th Miguel Ángel Cruz

“The companies that best know how to align the talents of their employees to training programs that exploit these strengths will achieve lower turnover rates and will reduce the importance that the employee gives to the perceived salary”—Miguel Ángel Cruz. Pace of change in the industry has accelerated rapidly in the last two years, and […]

Aligning work with purpose in life,with Abril Benedicto

“It is considered that having a career plan within the organization can benefit you greatly as talent feels more committed, aligning work with purpose in life” – Abril Benedicto Companies are more than the collective effort of the individuals that make up the whole. Without personal well-being, it is impossible to have an organization that […]

The challenges of recruiting C-level executives with Salvador Jaramillo

It is more than a letter, the C-level management, otherwise known as C-suite, includes the top-level management positions in a company. These executives are responsible for making the key strategic decisions that affect the business as a whole. “ Failures and breakdowns also serve you to consolidate success”– Salvador Jaramillo To discuss this topic in […]

Remote work is quality of life, interview  with Elizabeth Ruiz

Remote work has increased exponentially in recent times. People feel freer, more flexible, and more comfortable working from wherever they are. An example of how to successfully carry out remote work is Elizabeth “Liz” Ruiz, MBI Talent Group Associate & Team Lead, who shares more about her and this topic.  Remote work is a workforce […]

Talking about Pride with Brayan Lanaro

Talking about LGBT+ Pride can be a controversial topic for many people, but not for us. In this article, Brayan Lanaro, who is part of the community and a Financial & Talent Consultant at MBI Talent Group,  tells us a little about himself, his experiences, ideas, and worldview. In Brazil, LGBTQ people are disproportionately harassed […]